I'm a freelance illustrator and artist currently living and working in the Ozark area.

   In 2010 I graduated from The Florence Academy of Art. Following my education abroad, I pursued illustration at TAD from 2011-2014. From 2014 to early 2015 I was in the mentorship program at Rev Art Academy.

At an early age drawing was the only thing what I wanted to be good at, I pursued it with passion and loved making pictures. As I've grown I haven't changed my mindset much and still passionately pursue the art of making pictures.

Growing up I was drawn to art so much because it was an outlet for building imaginary moments and stories. I was constantly pouring over illustrated books and covers of children's books (even at an embarrassing age) gushing over the lush images and beautiful illustrations. As I got older I found graphic novels and comics, the images and stories pulling me deeper into the world they were building. It was engaging.

These narrative elements and story building moments are things I love and seek to constantly implement in my own work.